Wedding Dresses and Kimonos with Love in Kyoto

We are a luxury wedding bridal shop in KYOTO, which is located along the beautiful and peaceful Kamo river.
We are dedicated to creating timeless and classic wedding attire with a modern twist. Crafted in luxurious fabrics and expertly constructed, our premium products are available at an affordable price–we look forward to assisting you as you prepare for your special day!

Ayumi Bridal has wide selections of kimono, wedding dress, colored dress, and tuxedos famous designers both from Japan and abroad. We can also custom design your desired gown or suit or kimono.

We measure and do alterations so that garments are perfectly fitted. In addition, a variety of accessory selections are available to enhance the overall outfit.
We have assisted thousands of happy couples anually for over forty years.



When a bride chooses Ayumi Bridal, she chooses a lovely chapter of her beautiful wedding story: a gown embedded with history, tradition and love.